by Rvins

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released February 25, 2011

Recorded Jan 2011 in Champaign, IL by Ryan Brewer.



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Rvins Illinois

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Track Name: Carry The Thought
I long for the day the sun reaches through the clouds and I feel its warmth touch my face. I'm losing sleep as these long winter nights mock my dreams. When I feel its warmth touch my face, all of these dreadful nights become a distant memory. Until then I get these lonesome street lights that cast shadows down alleys of waste. Filth paves the way from the bottom of one man's foot to another's mouth. Getting on your knees will never get you out of the dirt. We're hoisting death from the ground. We're pulling sin from the clouds. Those weak enough carry the thought - the promise of death greater than life. Hoisting death from the ground. Pulling sin from the clouds.
Track Name: In The Ground
Hands extend as the sky hangs and a battered man breathes a broken name. With another limb cast into the sea, the weight is carried across the earth. Weight carried across the earth. Weight buried beneath the earth. Another limb cast into the sea. So sick of death calling out to me. Hands extend and the sky hangs as a battered man breathes a broken name to a mountain of death piled to the sky. So put down your arms and give up the cross, because there's never been a man to keep you from rotting in the ground. In the ground.
Track Name: Lungs
One thousand waves come crashing down. It feels like my heart is at the bottom of the ocean, and there's a ring of salt around my eyes. My body aches from staying afloat, while all I love is washed away. The moon sets below the sky. I try to speak with no tongue. The sun refused and split the earth. I can not breathe through these collapsed lungs. This has been the worst of times for me, but I'd do it all again for you. We're breathing through collapsed lungs. While speaking up with no tongue. Our hearts will not allow themselves to come floating back to us.